Training Staff with Educational Firearms


Hlebinsky conducts workshops and training for museums, companies, and individuals on a range of subjects including, historic firearms handling, collections management, an overview of federal firearms laws and museum responsibilities, security,  as well as interpretation and display techniques.

Firearms History Consulting

Expert Witness Testimony

Both Hanish and Hlebinsky can serve as expert witness on cases involving firearms history and/or the modern industry. Please contact to inquire about individual areas of expertise.

CFM Russell Museum & Complex

Consulting/Guest Curation

Hlebinsky is available to serve as a guest or consulting curator on temporary and permanent firearms exhibitions or exhibitions featuring firearms. She has experience working both independently and with external design teams.


New Orleans Antique Forum

Lectures & Writing

Hlebinsky lectures and writes on a range of topics including the perceptions of firearms in culture, era specific histories, firearms as material culture, public education and museum interpretation

The Great Basin Gun was discovered during an archaeological trip through Great Basin National Park

Firearms Research

Both Hanish and Hlebinsky provide research on individual or collections of firearms. They do not do formal appraisals






Mark Hanish

Industry Consulting

Hanish is available for consulting on a range of industry topics from product design to sales and marketing.


If you would like to inquire about one of these services, please contact Ashley and Mark at [email protected]